In a room full of 180+ people on the 13th of May 2014 I performed in a Spoken Word Poetry show. I had chosen to take Kip Fullbeck’s poetry class for one reason:… Continue reading

Highway 1

The most beautiful drive is definitely from San Jose to Santa Barbara – which we did last weekend after spending a wonderful day/night visiting the Jonses. We enjoyed the drive so much so… Continue reading

Japanese Tattoo Exhibit

On Friday evening I attended the launch of Japanese tattoo photographic exhibition Preservance at the Japanese American National Museum. Taking up multiple rooms of the museum the exhibit was testimony to the rich… Continue reading

Foody Week

Good food warms the soul. Which is why I couldn’t not post about two amazing dinners I’ve had this past week. Firstly, there was the mouth watering Lebanese dinner (Belly dancer included) the… Continue reading

LA Adventures

Two weeks ago my spoken word professor Kip Fullbeck asked for volunteers to help him paint walls for his show in LA. With a few other things happening in LA during that time… Continue reading

Pozible Soiré

To celebrate the end of the day, week and month I hosted a Pozible beach soiré. However, with so much rain (first time it’s rained in California all Winter!) we had to move… Continue reading

Los Angeles

Seashore Shenanigans. Seriously. I’m still digesting what happened… in essence: we went to LA, stayed on a boat, things got a little crazy, medics called twice, payed a visit to the hospital, went… Continue reading

Vegas Baby

Lights, stars, shows, burgers, buffets, castles, clubs, cocktails, gambling, shopping… In essence this was my trip to Vegas. My journey began catching the bus from LA (it amazingly only cost $25 – but… Continue reading

San Francisco

This has to be my favorite city on the West coast! So I spent the past few days here and like always I was embraced by a community buzzing with amazing people, innovation… Continue reading


Visiting Yosemite last weekend confirmed everything I had heard about America’s national parks. Not only was it breathtakingly beautiful, grand, ginormous, and evocative of the power of nature, but it was perfect for… Continue reading